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iPhone 5s, the fastest smartphone yet ?

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According to the benchmark testing, the new iPhone 5s is the fastest smartphone ever!

The new 64-bit A& (SoC), which features a dual core processor, is pretty impressive indeed.

Apple’s official claims were that the iPhone 5s deliver twice the CPU and graphics performance of the previous model and independent tests seem to verify that claim. It was also confirmed that the device is about twice as fast as its predecessor. The new iPhone is also 50% fast than…. sorry Samsung fans, the 4th generation Galaxy S smartphone, the Galaxy S4.


iPhone 5s is the Worlds fastest smartphone at the moment.

The iPhone 5s took first place in the Geekbench performance test according to Which? Magazine. Researches independently tested the processing speeds of Apple, Samsung, HTC and LG. The new iPhone 5s is fastest in how fast it can open apps, play video and games, multitask and more. Runner up was LG’s G2 and the Galaxy S4 in third.

Written by Brian Burke

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drosarioiPhone 5s, the fastest smartphone yet ?

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