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I love the camera on my iPhone 5 but it just can’t equal what I captured with my eyes…

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We usually talk about iPhones here, but today I wanted to focus on our real mission. While living on the Kona Side of the Big Island of Hawaii for the past 20 years I have seen some of the best sunsets that this planet has to offer. But last night was spectacular and I was privileged to see an amazing sunset. Why? Take a close look at this photo I took on my iPhone and you’ll notice a blue streak coming from the horizon.

iphone 5s Hawaii sunset

This picture cannot produce the full impact of what I saw last night. Curious as to what caused this effect in the night sky I found that the probable cause of this phenomenon is the blockage of the sun by a thundercloud. Since we have been experiencing thunderstorms over Kona this seems to be a reasonable explanation.

After watching thousands of sunsets throughout my years here in Hawaii I have seen almost every hue imaginable. I’ve seen the magnificent Mauna Kea turn bright pink or purple as the sun drops below the horizon. I’ve also seen the green flash as the sun takes its final breath before it drops into the sea, but never in all of these years have I seen a blue streak, that is, until last night.

As I reflected on this sunset, long after this beautiful blue streak had disappeared, it made me think of the incredible gift we have all been given, life on a beautiful planet. Unfortunately I’ve seen the flip side of this beautiful planet here in my own backyard. What few tourists realize (we try to keep this a secret) is that marine litter from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch mars some of our pristine beaches. I’ve seen this garbage personally and it is quite overwhelming. As I hiked to the Green Sand Beach at South Point I saw firsthand the devastating effects of this garbage.

iphone5s Hawaii Trash Beach

This is why I’m so proud of the accomplishments we’ve been able to achieve at Reboot. We understand that we are playing just a small part in the big picture, but we’re in the game. We are actively working to fulfill our role in this planet’s existence, taking care of the earth, the animals and each other.

With our Go Green, Get Green program of purchasing smartphones, that so often end up in the kitchen drawer, landfill or even worse our beautiful beaches, we are helping to lessen our impact and ensure that future generations can still enjoy an amazing sunset as I did last night.

If you’d like to know more about our Smartphone Buyback Campaign please visit our website.

Written by Brian Burke

brianI love the camera on my iPhone 5 but it just can’t equal what I captured with my eyes…

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