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Donate your iPhone 5

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The iPhone 5 – Don’t Sell it, Trade it or Throw it. Donate it!


In the United States, millions of old cell phones are thrown away every year in the United States, with only an estimated 10% being recycled. When a cell phone, such as an iPhone 5, becomes outdated, people instinctively throw it away or try to sell it for minimal cash and proceed with buying a new one. Rather than throwing away your iPhone 5, why not donate it to a better cause?


Donate your iPhone 5 to Reboot Charity 

Don’t sell it back

When a cell phone becomes outdated, it is usually sold for a small amount of cash. In truth, with the affordability of cell phones today, trading in doesn’t really seem like a wise choice. Rather than getting cash for iPhone, why not donate it to a better cause? The few extra bucks you receive from selling your iPhone 5 cannot compete with the benefit people will receive from your donation, plus you will receive a tax-write off come tax season.

Don’t trade it in

Many people choose to trade in their iPhone 5 to receive a cash discount for a new iPhone. However, yet again, your discount will seem rather minimal compared to the benefits people will receive from your donation.

Don’t throw it away

Truth be told, while many try to sell their cell phones, many others simply throw them away. Whether it is due to a faulty part or just an obsolete phone, people throw their cell phones away every day, giving you no value in return. Electronic donations are a great alternative – you still throw away your cell phone but rather than in the bin, you throw it to a better cause.

Rather than simply throwing your iPhone 5 away, receiving minimal cash for it or trading it in for a small discount, we recommend you donate it to charity. Trading, selling and throwing it away pales in comparison to the benefits people will receive from your donation.

Donate it to Reboot Charity !

Reboot Charity
5401 Haverhill Road North #103
West Palm Beach, FL 33407
(561) 800-3968


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Jason HollarDonate your iPhone 5

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