Reboot Charity Inc., with its motto of “Old Tech Powering New Effect.”, was formed exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. Reboot Charity believes that real change is effected in communities across the United States through one -on-one education. Such education is already being provided by volunteers that need support. We do this while also lessening the amount of trash in landfills.


Our mission is to create a better environment and better lives. One of the ways We seek to accomplish this is by the proper recycling of donated electronic equipment and then use the recovered proceeds to fund the work of volunteers.

How we operate:

First we encourage the proper recycling of electronic equipment including cell phones, computer, and office equipment, by soliciting donations of such and then overseeing the recycling and redistribution of such equipment.

Second, we use this equipment and proceeds to fund the work of volunteer educators who spend a minimum of 10 hours a month educating the public including those with disabilities on such subject as successful family life, dangers of drug abuse, dangers of alcohol abuse, music education, reading education, finding employment, and personal improvement. This education is typical done through regular one on one personal study sessions, books, movies, and a variety of other means.

Third, we reach out to those volunteer educators who have suffered financial setbacks such as loss of employment, homelessness , and severe health issues or disabilities. We do such by helping them in the short term with expenses and in the long term by assisting them to regain employment in order for them to continue in their volunteer community education work.


Please use the contact us form for general inquiries or call and leave a message at :5618003968

Mail can be sent to
1710 Old Okeechobee Rd, Ste A
West Palm Beach, FL 33409

Board Of Directors:

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