There are many ways you can help Reboot Charity meet it’s goals. Naturally we want all who can to make sure they donate any underused electronics. We also need your help to recycle or refurbish donate equipment, so if you have the time or skills let us know. We of course we accept money donations.

You can also spread the word within your home, neigborhood, company. Did you know many companies allow employees to vote on what charities to donate to?

I want to donate some electronics.

I want to volunteer.

I want to donate funds.


Donate your iPhone 5

Donate your iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 – Don’t Sell it, Trade it or Throw it. Donate it!   In the United States, millions of old cell phones are thrown away every year in the United States, with only an estimated 10% being recycled. When a cell phone, such as an iPhone 5, becomes outdated, people instinctively throw itContinue Reading