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Smiles In The Gardens picks Reboot Charity

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We are happy to announce that Smiles In The Gardens, has picked Reboot Charity to support with a portion of sales in the month of July! Smiles in the Gardens is doing this as part of a program of community support in 2017. According to their website the have raised the following in the first few months of the campaign.

  • Leukemia & Lymphoma Society-$3,690
  • Alzheimer’s Association- $3,360
  • Adoption by Shepherd Care- $4750

We at Reboot Charity are excited about the benefit this will bring to the community of volunteers we support. Please visit our sponsor and support their giving spirit!

Jeremy SmithSmiles In The Gardens picks Reboot Charity
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Donate your iPhone 5

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The iPhone 5 – Don’t Sell it, Trade it or Throw it. Donate it!


In the United States, millions of old cell phones are thrown away every year in the United States, with only an estimated 10% being recycled. When a cell phone, such as an iPhone 5, becomes outdated, people instinctively throw it away or try to sell it for minimal cash and proceed with buying a new one. Rather than throwing away your iPhone 5, why not donate it to a better cause?


Donate your iPhone 5 to Reboot Charity 

Don’t sell it back

When a cell phone becomes outdated, it is usually sold for a small amount of cash. In truth, with the affordability of cell phones today, trading in doesn’t really seem like a wise choice. Rather than getting cash for iPhone, why not donate it to a better cause? The few extra bucks you receive from selling your iPhone 5 cannot compete with the benefit people will receive from your donation, plus you will receive a tax-write off come tax season.

Don’t trade it in

Many people choose to trade in their iPhone 5 to receive a cash discount for a new iPhone. However, yet again, your discount will seem rather minimal compared to the benefits people will receive from your donation.

Don’t throw it away

Truth be told, while many try to sell their cell phones, many others simply throw them away. Whether it is due to a faulty part or just an obsolete phone, people throw their cell phones away every day, giving you no value in return. Electronic donations are a great alternative – you still throw away your cell phone but rather than in the bin, you throw it to a better cause.

Rather than simply throwing your iPhone 5 away, receiving minimal cash for it or trading it in for a small discount, we recommend you donate it to charity. Trading, selling and throwing it away pales in comparison to the benefits people will receive from your donation.

Donate it to Reboot Charity !

Reboot Charity
5401 Haverhill Road North #103
West Palm Beach, FL 33407
(561) 800-3968


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drosarioDonate your iPhone 5
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I love the camera on my iPhone 5 but it just can’t equal what I captured with my eyes…

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We usually talk about iPhones here, but today I wanted to focus on our real mission. While living on the Kona Side of the Big Island of Hawaii for the past 20 years I have seen some of the best sunsets that this planet has to offer. But last night was spectacular and I was privileged to see an amazing sunset. Why? Take a close look at this photo I took on my iPhone and you’ll notice a blue streak coming from the horizon.

iphone 5s Hawaii sunset

This picture cannot produce the full impact of what I saw last night. Curious as to what caused this effect in the night sky I found that the probable cause of this phenomenon is the blockage of the sun by a thundercloud. Since we have been experiencing thunderstorms over Kona this seems to be a reasonable explanation.

After watching thousands of sunsets throughout my years here in Hawaii I have seen almost every hue imaginable. I’ve seen the magnificent Mauna Kea turn bright pink or purple as the sun drops below the horizon. I’ve also seen the green flash as the sun takes its final breath before it drops into the sea, but never in all of these years have I seen a blue streak, that is, until last night.

As I reflected on this sunset, long after this beautiful blue streak had disappeared, it made me think of the incredible gift we have all been given, life on a beautiful planet. Unfortunately I’ve seen the flip side of this beautiful planet here in my own backyard. What few tourists realize (we try to keep this a secret) is that marine litter from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch mars some of our pristine beaches. I’ve seen this garbage personally and it is quite overwhelming. As I hiked to the Green Sand Beach at South Point I saw firsthand the devastating effects of this garbage.

iphone5s Hawaii Trash Beach

This is why I’m so proud of the accomplishments we’ve been able to achieve at Reboot. We understand that we are playing just a small part in the big picture, but we’re in the game. We are actively working to fulfill our role in this planet’s existence, taking care of the earth, the animals and each other.

With our Go Green, Get Green program of purchasing smartphones, that so often end up in the kitchen drawer, landfill or even worse our beautiful beaches, we are helping to lessen our impact and ensure that future generations can still enjoy an amazing sunset as I did last night.

If you’d like to know more about our Smartphone Buyback Campaign please visit our website.

Written by Brian Burke

brianI love the camera on my iPhone 5 but it just can’t equal what I captured with my eyes…
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Trading in Your iPhone the Charitable Way

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Apple iPhones are all the craze these days. From young adults to office-going folks to senior citizens, everybody’s just got to have one. Reminds me of the way laptops were introduced for the very first time; just about everybody I knew wanted to have one.

With companies like Apple, where innovation and creativity are at the pinnacle, it is quite common for phones to start losing their edge after just a year or so. New and improved models keep arriving on the shelf, offering far better features at around the same price.

So, what do you do with your old phone?

Do you give it away to a friend or family member?

Ask yourself this:

Where can I get the most value for money if I sell my electronics?” or

“How can I make some of the money back when selling my iPhone?”

Before ditching your phone or simply giving it up for resale, you might be pleased to know some parts can be broken down for resources such as copper and gold. Is your iPhone damaged or unusable? Even banged-up models are full of usable resources that can put a lot of the money you spent, back into your pocket.

An iPhone 4 trade-in, in good condition can get you anywhere between $95 and $100 (16GB), as long as it’s undamaged and usable. A top-of-the-line 64GB iPhone 5 may get you over $275.
Reboot Charity iPhone Trade-in

iPhone Trade-In

As sales of smart phones go through the roof and companies keep unleashing new products, cell phone trade-in services have been quick to offer platforms where people can recycle their phones in a safe and environmentally-friendly way, as well as get a price that’s fair for their model.

Reboot Charity is one such website that helps the community by taking in electronic donations and encouraging proper reuse and recycling processes of unused electronic waste. You can also help your business, school or community organize e-waste recycling events.

By cleaning out old gadgets and unwanted electronics from your home or office space, you are making a sizable contribution to a non-profit charity that helps people with special needs and disabilities.

A lot of these electronics, when not recycled properly expose the environment to hazardous metals and can lead to cancer-causing poisons that mostly children come into contact with.

It may seem tempting and less time-consuming to just toss away your old iPhone 4S and make money off it. While you’re at it, why not help your gadget “give back”? By supporting a charitable cause such as Reboot Charity, you’re providing privileges to certain people who simply can’t afford them. It’s a win-win.

Written by Derek Rosario

Reboot Charity
5401 Haverhill Road North #103
West Palm Beach, FL 33407
(561) 800-3968


drosarioTrading in Your iPhone the Charitable Way
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iPhone 5s, the fastest smartphone yet ?

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According to the benchmark testing, the new iPhone 5s is the fastest smartphone ever!

The new 64-bit A& (SoC), which features a dual core processor, is pretty impressive indeed.

Apple’s official claims were that the iPhone 5s deliver twice the CPU and graphics performance of the previous model and independent tests seem to verify that claim. It was also confirmed that the device is about twice as fast as its predecessor. The new iPhone is also 50% fast than…. sorry Samsung fans, the 4th generation Galaxy S smartphone, the Galaxy S4.


iPhone 5s is the Worlds fastest smartphone at the moment.

The iPhone 5s took first place in the Geekbench performance test according to Which? Magazine. Researches independently tested the processing speeds of Apple, Samsung, HTC and LG. The new iPhone 5s is fastest in how fast it can open apps, play video and games, multitask and more. Runner up was LG’s G2 and the Galaxy S4 in third.

Written by Brian Burke

Reboot Charity is a non-profit organization based in West Palm Beach, FL. that is helping to reduce the amount of “e-Waste” going into our environment. Donate your Smartphones or Electronics to Reboot.

Reboot Charity
5401 Haverhill Rd. N #103
West Palm Beach, Fl 33407
(561) 800-3968



drosarioiPhone 5s, the fastest smartphone yet ?
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A phone that will appeal to men…

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Gentlemen its the phone we’ve all been waiting for…one with curves!!! Yesterday Samsung revealed the first of its kind, the Galaxy round.

The smartphone has a gentle curve to it just enough to cup in your hand.


This phone is enormous so men with fading eyesight can easily view the 5.7 inch full HD screen.

This Samsung contains features that play off of the curviness of the phone like rolling the phone towards you by pressing down, it quickly gives you the time, date, battery life and your missed calls.

The new specs are up as it has a 2.3GHz quad-core proceesor and 3GB of RAM. It also features a 13 megapixel camera and the latest version of Android.

While its only available in Korea at this point if its as popular as we here at Reboot Charity Inc think it will be its only a matter of time until we see it here stateside.


Written by Brian Burke

brianA phone that will appeal to men…
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When will we see the new iPads?

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Not to be outdone by any new release of the Nexus 5, the rumor has it that Apple will be releasing the iPad Mini and 5th generation iPad. While Apple would never comment on upcoming products the rumors have begun.

Looking back on history we can remember that Apple first showcased it’s iPad Mini on October 23, 2012 so based on the previous release dates we can project a similar time frame for release.

Screen Envy?

The Retina display, has a pixel density so “high the human eye cannot distinguish individual pixels from a normal viewing distance, so graphics look incredibly sharp”, according to Apple. This Retina display is on most newer iPhones and on recent Apple laptops.

Apple enthusiasts are hoping Apple will introduce this technology on the iPad Mini, after all the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HDX tablets have 1920 x 1200 screens giving them a huge advantage over the current iPad Mini. With the iPad Mini only having 163 pixels per inch versus the competition’s 323 pixels per inch we should see Apple upping the ante, if the iPad Mini sized Retina display screens are available. According to Reuters, Apple will be “unable to widely roll out” an iPad Mini with Retina display. Just one more of the many rumors.
We’ve had several discussions among the iheads here at Reboot Charity about this new iPad Mini with the Retina display and we all agree that if Apple doesn’t introduce this that it will cause quite a stir among the Apple crowd.

The new iPad 5

The speculation exists that the new full size iPad will not be as large as the current model which indicates that it will be lighter and thinner than the current model and yet still keep the 9.7 inch display.

“The iPad 5 is simply a larger version of the iPad Mini, if a detailed video demonstration by a Hong Kong parts retailer is accurate,” CNET said recently of the video shared on YouTube by “The iPad 5 is shorter, narrower (by 15mm), and thinner (by 2mm) than the iPad 4, according to the video. In effect, it’s a large iPad Mini. And, of course, weighs less.”

New Features?

Gold? Silver? Green? Who knows? But with the overwhelming success of the gold iPhone 5s and the popular colors of the iPhone 5C we could be up for a more colorful iPad.
KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says there likely will be a rear camera upgrade, from 5 MP to 8 MP, and a larger aperture, on both iPads.
With the introduction of the fingerprint identification on the iPhone 5s its very likely that the new iPad’s will feature this.

Is this the one?

ABI Research say that worldwide, in the second quarter of this year, Android-based tablets overtook iPads in both unit sales and revenue. It’s true that no one manufacturer of tablets comes close to touching Apple’s iPad sales, but if the tablets don’t keep evolving — and maybe even come down a bit in price Apple is sure to lose even more of it’s market share.

So Apple, show us what you’ve got!

If you are planning an upgrade to your current device let Reboot Charity Inc help you do what is right for the planet and your wallet. We take in used iPads, iPad Mini’s every iPhone that has ever been produced and any other electronic device you can imagine. Visit us at and get an instant quote on what your device is worth. And don’t forget, we’re a charity so when you trade in your device with us you’re helping to advance our cause of helping educators who need a little help.

Written by Brian Burke

brianWhen will we see the new iPads?
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Who’s platform gives you the most security?

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The case of Android versus iPhone

During a Q&A session at the Gartner Symposium/Txpo, ZDNet reports that Google’s chair Eric Schmidt asserted that Google’s Android platform is more secure that Apple’s iPhone. This bold statement was prompted when a Gartner analyst said to Schmidt that most people in the audience would not name Android as their primary platform and went on to note the operating system’s infamous security problems.

Not to undermined by the analyst Schmidt countered, “Not secure? It’s more secure than an iPhone.”

Using the huge activation numbers for Android (over a billion strong) Schmidt claimed that this figure pointed to real world security testing stating, “Android is very secure”.

Google has built new security features into its mobile platform but there is no ignoring the evidence that the amount of malware attacks on Google’s operating system continue to grow. In comparison Apples iOS platform accounts for just a small percentage of attacks, most likely because of its strict control over the apps that are published in the App Store.

Apple of course improved its overall security lead even further with the introduction of the bio-metric scanner built into the iPhone 5S.

Looking to improve your online security? If you are looking to upgrade to the iPhone 5S and want to do something good with your old Android phone check in with us today at and get an instant quote of the value of your device.

Written by Brian Burke

brianWho’s platform gives you the most security?
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iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C are out, Google your turn, what is the Nexus 5 about?

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The 64 GB Question??

Now that Apple has successfully released the iPhone 5S, it’s only natural that the competition will soon follow with their new models. Google is no exception. Rumor has it that the Nexus 5 will soon be released starting in the UK the last week in October, this according to

Based on some of the information already starting to surface the entry level price should cost much less than the iPhone 5S which is in line with Google’s low price high performance strategy.

The Nexus 4 has been a very popular phone and with an upgrade to a 64 bit-processor this thing could very well be Google’s most well received smartphone yet. Will the Nexus developers go so far as to incorporate 4 GB of RAM? After all Qualcomm just stated Apples use of it is just marketing hype. Previous reports have suggested that it will be 3GB, plenty of course, but if it were 4GB it could further pave the way to creating a desk top experience.


Again the rumor mill suggests that the pricing for the Nexus 5 will be significantly less that the iPhone5S with prices starting at about $450 dollars.

So it looks like Google is directly aiming its sights at Apple trying to cut into its share of the market. 64GB processing, 4GB of RAM and a $200 price difference. Could this be the phone that starts luring away Apple enthusiasts? Let’s see what happens in late October.

If you are thinking of upgrading to the new Nexus 5 why not see what your current device is worth? When you recycle your old smartphones with us you help not only yourself but others who volunteer their educational services.

Written by Brian Burke

wpadminiPhone 5S and iPhone 5C are out, Google your turn, what is the Nexus 5 about?
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