Reboot Charity supports two basic programs to help the community. We directly help qualified community volunteers by providing electronics or in special need cases monetary support. Reboot Charity also helps by encouraging and ensuring the proper reuse or recycling of unused electronic waste in the community. We encourage you learn more about these programs.

Assistance Requests

Qualifications Volunteer educators typically have to provide for their own expenses since they are primarily self-supported. Sudden and unexpected circumstances such as loss of employment, homelessness, severe health issues or disabilities, will prevent them from continuing their invaluable volunteer efforts in behalf of their community. Reboot Charity, Inc. is design to help volunteers who themselvesContinue Reading

Recycling Events

Reboot Charity can help your school, business, or community organize e-waste recycling events. If you are interested in learning more please feel free to contact us.


Donate your iPhone 5

Donate your iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 – Don’t Sell it, Trade it or Throw it. Donate it!   In the United States, millions of old cell phones are thrown away every year in the United States, with only an estimated 10% being recycled. When a cell phone, such as an iPhone 5, becomes outdated, people instinctively throw itContinue Reading