Volunteer educators typically have to provide for their own expenses since they are primarily self-supported. Sudden and unexpected circumstances such as loss of employment, homelessness, severe health issues or disabilities, will prevent them from continuing their invaluable volunteer efforts in behalf of their community.

Reboot Charity, Inc. is design to help volunteers who themselves need help to continue in their efforts in helping others. Typically they assist volunteers who are self-funded and spend at minimum 10hrs a month assisting ones in the community. Qualifying community service includes services rendered for free to the community. These services often include: education that reduces society problems such as drug, alcohol, and family abuse, mentoring youth or troubled individuals to make life style changes to become responsible citizens. Additional services include construction of education facilities or relief work after times of natural disasters.

Assistance is generally provided based on the need and amount of requests submitted. Requests are generally weighted based on a person’s seniority, strength of references provided, and how well their needs match what the Charity can provide. Our aim is to help pick up where other assistance isn’t available to help meet their specific or special needs.

Sample Cases

Robert is a married 74 yr old, retiree. Both he and his wife volunteer around seventy (70) hours a month educating and mentoring individuals in the community on a variety of family issues including alcohol and drug abuse, domestic violence and illiteracy. Robert recently had brain surgery and his 14 year old car, a 1998 Hyundai Elantra, with 160,000 miles, broke down. Representatives of Reboot assisted him with getting him another vehicle in order for him to continue in his valuable work. This not only helps Robert but also the individuals Robert is helping. Robert and his wife are now able to continue their volunteer work.

Stacy is a volunteer who now has ALS a debilitating disease. This has left her needing help. Reboot Charity hired a contractor to expand the doorways in her home so she can get her wheelchair through. They are also working on getting her technology that will enable her to communicate with others even though she is paralyzed by the disease.

Request Assistance

If you meet the qualifications above and need assistance please fill out the request form to get started.

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